Robotic finger monkeys are cute and not weird at all


We're now so desperate for distraction and companionship that some of us will even wear tiny robo-monkeys on our fingers.

At least WowWee's Fingerlings Baby Monkey Toys, unveiled this week at New York Toy Fair, are adorable. 

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As the name implies, these palm-sized monkeys slip onto your finger like a giant, ridiculous ring. Fingerlings are motion and touch sensitive.

While most of the little battery-operated figure is fixed, the toy monkey's head turns and eyes open. That little bit of animation affords the monkey-bots an impressive amount of expression. WowWee told us that there are actually over 40-to-50 distinct animations and sound effects in Fingerlings. Read more...

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The 5 best Star Wars Lego sets coming this spring


These are Star Wars Lego sets you're looking for. 

Lego may be keeping upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII Lego sets under wraps — they literally had nothing to show for the upcoming film at New York Toy Fair —  but that doesn't mean there aren't a whole bunch of new Star Wars sets on the horizon.

Lego has dozens of new sets and character variations, even tiny Mini Figures. The new Lego sets traverse, among others, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars Rebels TV series. Instead of presenting everything Lego has planned for the Star Wars Universe, we picked out the five coolest sets, ones that you'll probably want to add to your collection.  Read more...

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Holiday takes an anti-Trump turn with #NotMyPresidentsDay protests


The annual President's Day holiday had a distinct Donald Trump touch in 2017 thanks to a series of protests around the country where participants transformed the anti-Trump #NotMyPresident hashtag into a #NotMyPresidentsDay rallying call.

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Trump himself got the holiday off to a rousing start with an all-caps declaration to — what else? — "Make America great again."


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 20, 2017

Meanwhile, protesters around the country were less festive, taking to the streets to protest the president. Read more...

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Secrets from the sets of 'Donnie Brasco'


Donnie Brasco celebrates its 20th anniversary next week, so let's celebrate an underappreciated movie classic with some things you probably didn't know about it!

Visit CineFix for more episodes and movie-related content. 

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This flying motorcycle is straight out of Star Wars


We've been obsessed with making the Star Wars speeder bikes come true, and now, a Russian startup has finally made it happen. 

'HoverSurf' have released a video of their concept hoverbike, 'Scorpion-3.' It's the first fully-manned hoverbike in the world. Read more...

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10 error messages that prove my computer knows too much about my personal life


Like many of us, I spend a lot of my time working on my computer. And when I'm not working, I'm watching Netflix or writing my original fantasy novel about a wizard school for children. 

But lately, I've noticed that whenever my computer sends me an error message, it almost seems to know a lot about my personal life. 

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Take a look at some of the error messages I've been receiving. Has this happened to anyone else?







4.

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10 famous quotes that you probably misattributed


Through the years, we have all had many inspirational or witty quotes from role models, movies or actors plastered all over our Tumblr or Myspace pages to seem super cool, sophisticated and smart. These quotes just spoke to our souls and captured the middle school/teenage angst we were all feeling as one collective, moody unit.

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Well get ready to delete your accounts and throw your diplomas out the window, because so many famous quotes are badly misattributed. 

Chances are, other people said those pretty words you love. So, you are about to find out the less-cool origin of some of your favorite quotes. Read more...

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This smart bike helmet has built-in indicator lights


Cars have indicator lights for better safety so why shouldn't bicycles have them too?

The Lumos helmet is a smart helmet for cyclists with a prominent red brake light, as well as yellow left and right turn signals just like motorized vehicles. Read more...

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Wearing socks to bed is fine, you monsters


There are certain things that humans — or enough loud people, anyway — respect as universal truths. Pizza is good. Nickelback? Bad. Wearing socks to bed is terrible and should be a crime.

The first two are absolutely inarguable, but, friends ... sometimes wearing socks to bed is nice. If you suffer from dry skin or are constantly cold, it can be even nicer.

Please, hear me out.

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First, sock haters, I ask you to think of your sleep cycle. If you struggle to fall asleep at night, socks in bed might be a godsend. According to the National Sleep Foundation, warming the feet before sleep causes blood vessels to dilate, signaling to the brain that it's time to snooze for a while. Read more...

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Amazon takes aim at Walmart with an even lower minimum for free shipping


If you're excited about easier-to-get free shipping on Amazon, you have Walmart to thank. 

Amazon just lowered its free shipping minimum back to $35 from $49. The lowered minimum, spotted by The Verge, came about three weeks after Walmart introduced free two-day shipping for $35 online orders. 

Walmart's move signaled an aggressive play against Amazon in e-commerce — especially since Walmart customers wouldn't have to pay a yearly membership fee, unlike Amazon Prime members. Walmart bought, an Amazon e-commerce competitor, for $3 billion in August, starting its push against Amazon in earnest.  Read more...

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