Affaire Eric Zemmour : YouTube refuse la demande des ayants-droit

YouTube ne veut pas appliquer un retrait de la video de lancement de la campagne du candidat Eric Zemmour, comme l'exigent certains ayants-droit. La réponse de YouTube faite aux demandes des ayants-droit aujourd'hui s'appuie sur un raisonnement juridique qui se …

Hawkeye : qui est le personnage qui s’invite dans l’épisode 3 ?

hawkeye série marvel

A-t-on aperçu un personnage important de l'univers de Daredevil dans le nouvel épisode d'Hawkeye sur Disney+ ?

Hawkeye : qui est le personnage qui s’invite dans l’épisode 3 ?

The sleek Razer Blade Stealth gaming laptop is at an all-time low price

Save $500: It's time for some fresh air while you play Call of Duty. As of Nov. 2, the Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook gaming laptop is on sale for a new low price of $1,299.99 with a 28% discount.

Cyber Monday is in the rearview mirror, but plenty of deals are still ahead of us. And since it's still really tricky to grab a new Xbox or PS5, this deal on an ultra-portable Razer gaming laptop offers some perfect timing.

Amazon lists the Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook gaming laptop for just $1,299.99. That's $500 off the original price and marks the best price ever on this specific model. It's also currently in stock in case you're ready to play Farming Simulator 22 anytime and anywhere.

Released about a year ago, the Razer Blade Stealth 13 still packs the latest tech for a better gaming experience. It includes the quad-core 11th Generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor and the popular Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q graphics card. This is what allows for cutting-edge mobile gaming that's even better thanks to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of speedy SSD internal storage.

You'll notice the faster gameplay on the 13.3-inch Full HD display that offers a 120Hz high refresh rate for smoother gameplay along with an ultra-thin bezel. There is an option that offers an OLED touch display, but that's currently more expensive and only offers up to a 60Hz refresh rate. You can also personalize your new laptop through the Razer Chroma keyboard that promises over 16 million color options.

Turn some heads the next time you get a little gaming in at your local coffee shop when you take advantage of this $500 discount on the advanced Razer Blade Stealth 13 laptop.

Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook gaming laptop.
Credit: Razer

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Ce poisson ressemble comme deux gouttes d’eau à un burger


Si ce poisson vous semble être la copie conforme d'un burger ce n'est pas car votre estomac est vide, mais parce que votre cerveau est fainéant.

Ce poisson ressemble comme deux gouttes d’eau à un burger

Best pet deals as of Dec. 2: GPS collars, cozy beds, and more

UPDATE: Dec. 2, 2021, 12:30 p.m. EST This story has been updated to reflect new pricing on Whistle Pet GPS trackers, Wisdom Panel DNA kits, and more.

Got a pandemic puppy or a quarantine cat? You're not alone. Tons of people are adopting new pets — and figuring out that the cost of buying toys, beds, treats, and pet tech adds up quickly. To keep you from spending your entire paycheck on your four-legged friend, we'll be compiling a list of the best pet deals weekly so you can be the best pet parent ever — even if you're on a budget.

Pet tech deals

dog with green smart collar
Credit: Whistle

Why we love it

Just in time for holiday shopping, Whistle is offering up to 20% off all its smart devices. Choose from the Whistle Fit, Whistle Go Explore, or Whistle Switch, depending on your pup's needs. As an added bonus, you'll get three months of the Whistle Plan for free, plus the option of taking 50% off a leash, collar, and battery pack.

More pet tech on sale

Pet DNA kit deals

Wisdom Panel dog DNA test
Credit: Wisdom Panel
Our pick: Wisdom Panel Premium
$124.99 at Amazon (save $35)

Why we love it

While it's not the $45 discount we saw over Cyber Weekend, this is still a solid deal to take advantage of — it would make a great holiday gift for all the dog people in your life. The Wisdom Panel Essential kit will give you accurate breed testing across over 350 breeds, 210 health tests for genetic risks, and can even help you find your pup's biological family.

More pet DNA kits on sale

Pet bed deals

Black dog on a fluffy white bed
Our pick: pet beds
Save up to 70% at

Why we love it

Let's say you want your dog to be cozy, but you also want their bed to match your stylish home decor. Checking both boxes might sound like a far-off dream, but's rug beds actually fit the bill. With a removable, washable cover, memory foam inner, and a design that's meant to look like a decorative rug, these beds are the all-in-one pet product you've been looking for. You can also score up to 70% off nearly every bed on the site during's Holiday Sale.

More pet beds on sale

Pet toy deals

Why we love it

If you have a genius dog on your hands, a puzzle toy is one of the best ways to release some of that mental energy. This well-rated Nina Ottosson toy has multiple compartments that hold treats, and your pup will learn to flip, slide, and lift the pieces to reveal their snacks. It's sure to keep boredom at bay, so you can get some work done while your dog plays.

More pet toys on sale

Other pet deals

Petco $30 off $100+ graphic
Credit: Petco
Petco toys, beds, and more
Save $30 on purchases of $100 at Petco

Whether you have a cat, dog, bird, or fish, this Petco sale has products for you. To get your holiday pet shopping started, receive $30 off your online order when you spend $100 or more. Save on everything from cat trees to reptile enclosures to dog toys.

More pet deals

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These houses used to flood. Now they float.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, New Orleans needed a plan to resettle residents safely and ensure a disaster of that scale never happened again.

In 2006, Dr. Elizabeth English founded the Buoyant Foundation Project, which retrofits already existing structures into flotation devices. The project has already been successfully implemented in flood-threatened areas in the U.S., Nicaragua, Bangladesh, and Vietnam.

Le métavers de Fortnite

Et un de plus... Epic Games, l'éditeur du succès planétaire Fortnite, va lancer à son tour un Métavers basé sur le jeu de combat. Baptisé Party Worlds, ce nouveau jeu va faire évoluer le modèle de Fortnite vers le Métavers …

Believe poursuit son implantation en Asie

Believe est toujours sur le chemin des emplettes depuis son introduction en bourse. Le rythme des acquisitions s'est accéléré. La major veut renforcer sa présence en Asie. Après le rachat de l'indien Think Music, Believe vient de s'emparer de 15% …

Apple announces 2021 App Store Award winners, highlighting ‘connection’ as trend of the year – 5to9mac

Apple has announced its 2021 App Store Award recipients today, and this year’s list of winners all stand out for enhancing connection and interaction throughout the year. Included in the list of 15 apps and games are LumaFusion, Carrot Weather, …

Meta is taking new steps to detect and prevent the spread of revenge porn

The spread of non-consensual sharing of intimate images (NCII) has been a battle for survivors and technology companies for years, with the latter being pushed to implement tools to better combat the spread of said images.

Today, Meta, previously known as Facebook, has announced its support of, an initiative by the UK Revenge Porn Helpline to prevent the sharing NCII, often referred to as revenge porn, on its platform.

Meta, along with Facebook Ireland, are amongst 50 non-governmental organisation partners globally to join the efforts of According to the press release from Meta, the platform is "the first global initiative of its kind" to help people who have faced their intimate images being shared without their consent.

The way the tool works is this: with, a person concerned for their safety and privacy with regards to revenge porn can create a case. The tool includes a hash-generating technology which allots a unique hash value – or numerical code – to a specific image. Tech companies, like Meta, participating in the initiative can then receive the hash and use it to examine and identify whether said image has been shared online.

The program hugely differs from the initial pilot that Facebook launched in Australia in 2017. Then, Facebook asked users to send their nude images which would then be reviewed by human moderators. This raised significant privacy concerns and criticism, despite Facebook saying that the images would only be stored for a short period of time.

The battle to develop adequate and empowering technologies for this purpose continued in 2019, when the Facebook announced the launch of an AI tool that would help detect nude photographs, allowing for a swift removal.

The version announced today builds off of previous programs, with a markedly different approach to combating revenge porn.

The design of the updated tool and is intended to provide control to the survivor, fueling their empowerment in the matter. It integrates the information and vital voices of survivors, experts, advocates, and other tech partners. The images shared with will never leave a person's device, but instead only the hash is shared with participating platforms in an effort to detect them.

"At the heart of the work developing this tool have been the needs of victims and survivors by putting them in control without having to compromise their privacy," says Sophie Mortimer, Manager of the UK Revenge Porn Helpline. " has been designed to be simple and easy to use, with detailed signposting to additional support and advice, giving back agency at a time when someone may feel utterly powerless."

While revenge porn has been outlawed in countries like the UK (since 2015), and states like New York (since 2019), its spread persists.

The frequency of revenge porn, and the failure of certain tech companies to sufficiently dismantle existing systems, has been a point of concern for years. Telegram, for example, has refused to take steps to combat people posting revenge porn, leading to long battles for justice.

The term "revenge porn", which is widely used, has also been criticised by survivors and activists, who deem it a misnomer. The primary concern is that the phrase may lead to victim-blaming and incorporates a sense of sexism. After all, "revenge" insinuates a crime committed against those who post such images, thus leading them to seek revenge.

Meta's tool, which can be deemed a step in the right direction, hopes to "strengthen" the company's efforts in tackling the spread of NCII.

If you are a victim of nonconsensual pornography and you reside in the United States, please call the CCRI Crisis Helpline at 844-878-CCRI (2274). In the UK, visit Revenge Porn Helpline. For more information on Meta and NCII, visit