Fire HD 10 tablet, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fitbit Versa Lite, Surface Pro, and more deals for Aug. 18


Don't have any plans for Labor Day weekend? Why not use this opportunity to kit out your house with smart home products. With Amazon offering up to 42% off select Echo devices and saving up to $250 off LG 4K TVs that are Alexa compatible at Rakuten, allowing you to control your entire connected home.

Check out more of today's best deals from Amazon, Walmart, Dell, Best Buy, Rakuten, and BuyDig for Sunday, Aug. 18.


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The hidden, magical, inclusive world of Fairytale Instagram


Instagram is usually built around blurring the line between fantasy and reality in all the wrong ways.

Scrolling through your feed now is like an endless barrage of monotonous everyday bullshit framed and filtered to look like perfect, impossible ideals of "authenticity." Here's this simple vegan meal you can make at home right now — if you've got all these specialized, expensive ingredients on hand! Anyone can hike across this beautifully remote canyon — if you've got six months of hellish marathon training under your belt! Spend your weekend getaway at this perfectly curated, artfully designed Airbnb — with no running water! Read more...

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Make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel with these comforters and duvet sets on sale


Not all of us can go on big, fancy vacations all the time. But we can upgrade our bedrooms to feel like a luxury hotel and have ourselves a little staycation. It's the perfect way to treat yourself without paying very much.

While there are tons of ways to transform your bedroom into a luxury suite, a cozy comforter is a great place to start. And lucky for you, we've rounded up nine sets that are on sale. 

Serenity Silk Comforter

If a down comforter is the epitome of coziness for you, but you're a grade-A allergy sufferer, this Serenity Silk Comforter is the next best thing. Made of 100% combed organic cotton and 100% long strand silk, you'll get the comfort and quality of down without getting the sniffles every night. Read more...

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Camping gear and cool gadgets on sale now


Camping is a lot more fun when you come prepared. If you plan on spending Labor Day weekend in the great outdoors, take your pick from these clutch camping items, all of which are on sale:

nCamp Kitchen To-Go Starter Set

Cooking outdoors is easier said than done, but with this, it's just plain easier. It includes a stove that's designed to burn wood, liquid, and solid fuel with a built-in prep surface that can be used to cut, stage, and serve food. And with the included case and collapsible design, you can easily transport it from point A to point B. Get it on sale for $75 — 25% off the usual $100. Read more...

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Start learning to code with C# for $14 with this 21-hour master class


TL;DR: Get the comprehensive Complete C# Master Class Course for $12.99. Usually priced at $200, you'll be saving an impressive 93%.  

Remember back in the day when you had to spend years in school and/or your life savings to learn to code? Those days are long gone. Getting into coding is easier — and more affordable — than ever before.

Since there are approximately a gazillion coding languages out there, choosing one to start with is no easy feat. But since C# is among the most popular and one of the easiest to learn, and since there's a huge price drop on this Complete C# Master Class Course right now, might we suggest it as a starting point? Read more...

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Don't make calls with Siri or Google or you could get scammed


If you've ever used Siri or Google to call a business, you could be in danger of falling victim to a new scam. 

Phone calls made with voice assistants could open people up to scammers, who have found a clever new way to exploit our growing dependence on Siri and Google. That's according to the Better Business Bureau, which issued a warning about the scheme.

Here's how it goes down, according to the BBB: you need to call a business, like an airline, but you don't know what number to call. So you do what many of us do and ask Google or Siri to "call [business name]" for you you. 

But instead of calling your bank or your airline, the assistant calls a scammer impersonating someone from the company, who will try to trick you into sending them money. Read more...

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Google Assistant's abilities dominate Siri and Alexa, research shows


Alexa and Siri aren't nearly as capable as Google Assistant, according to new research. 

Research firm Loup Ventures recently published its semi-annual report on smartphone-based digital assistants, and the results once again show that Google is significantly ahead of Amazon and Apple. 

To find out which assistant was best, analysts Gene Munster and Will Thompson asked each one the same 800 questions across five different categories and graded them on understanding and accuracy. 

According to their findings, Google Assistant understood every single query they asked and answered correctly 92.9 percent of the time. Siri understood 99.8 percent of questions and answered 83.1 percent correctly, while Alexa understood 99.9 percent and answered correctly 79.8 percent of the time. To put that in perspective, that means Alexa answered approximately 162 questions incorrectly while Google got just 57 wrong.  Read more...

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Stunning Hubble photo catches an aging star's giant ring of space gas


Just like people, stars get old. Also like people, aging stars release a lot of gas.

This newly captured image from the Hubble Space Telescope shows us NGC 2022, a planetary nebula in the Orion constellation. Yes, it's a star and not a planet; it's called that because of the rounded shaped produced by the star's expanding ring of gas.

As stars get older, they get larger and take on more of a reddish glow. As that process plays out, the star sheds its outer layers into the surrounding space. As its mass shrinks the star's core gets hotter, which in turn releases more ultraviolet light.

Those UV rays create a distinctive glow in the surrounding space as they interact with the gases that have been released. That's how we end up with this picturesque scene. Read more...

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Nintendo isn't officially upgrading recently bought Switch consoles


The slightly refreshed Nintendo Switch is now officially available, but reports that Nintendo is handing out free hardware upgrades aren't accurate. 

The newly released Switch is the same device that launched back in 2017, only this one sports an updated CPU that's more efficient, resulting in improved battery life. Both versions of the console are on shelves now, and a Friday report from Polygon had suggested that Nintendo was giving people who recently purchased the older version a free upgrade to the new one.

Nintendo says that's not the case — not officially, at least — in a statement provided to Mashable on Saturday. Read more...

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French soccer match halted after crowd starts homophobic chant


A Ligue 2 soccer match between AS Nancy Lorraine and Le Mans FC was temporarily halted Friday night after some Nancy fans began a homophobic chant, NBC Sports reported.

Referee Mehdi Mokhtari stopped the match and players pleaded with fans to stop. The game was put on hold for about a minute and resumed after fans stopped their problematic singing.

This is the first time a professional soccer match has been stopped in France for this reason, and the decision to temporarily halt play fell in line with one of France's new rules against discrimination, FIFA employee Alex Stone said on Twitter.

Both Roxana Mărăcineanu, the French sport minister, and Marlène Schiappa, France's secretary of state for gender equality, commended the referee on Twitter for taking a stand against the offending fans. Read more...

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